Paperbag Writer.

SypnosisLife near death, the last days at the hospital, watching death and life form out a play right in front of a dying fifteen year old, Noah.

Status: Complete

Chapters: Day one Day Two Day Three Day Four Day Five Day Six Day Six-Seven Day Seven Day Eight Day Nine-Ten Day Ten Day Eleven Day Twelve Day Thirteen Day Fourteen Daydream Fifteen Day Sixteen Day Seventeen Day Eighteen Day Nineteen Day Twenty Day Twenty One Day Twenty Two Day Twenty Three Day Twenty Four Day Twenty Five Day Twenty Six Day Twenty Seven Day Twenty Eight Day Twenty Ninth Grand Finale

LGBT?: Very homoerotic, Noah's sexuality is rather ambiguous in the story though, but very queer. It was written back when I was closeted to myself. Queer male characters and one transman character.

Mental Health: Depression, anxiety, Noah is on a lot of drugs, so hallucinations/derealization.

Triggers: mentions of death, gore, hospital, near-death, suicide attempts.

Back story/additional notes (2014): It's weird to review something I've posted three years ago and frankly start seeing if there is anything which needs turning around and thankfully I turned some phrases around, so yay! So yeah, it's quite a product of it's time and my mindset so obviously some things ahd to be edited out and now it's quite enjoyable and I don't think I ever came back to the diary format after that. I do come to a journal, memoir format in To Miles though, but not diary for sure. It was posted through out all of April when I was doing Script Frenzy, back when Script Frenzy was a thing. Noah remained as one of my favourite male characters for a good while and I felt more of a parent figure to him as I was writing him. I never really chose what actually happened to Noah or what his illness was or what did the crash trigger or bring and I quite enjoyed it that way. In general it's quite an ambitious story with many openings and that's why I enjoy it for that.

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